Episode 4

Published on:

11th Feb 2022

Megan Braden-Perry, New Orleans Author & 7th Ward Socialite

This week’s episode features writer and born-and-raised NOLA resident Megan Braden-Perry. Megan and Mary talk about neighborhood hierarchy (spoiler: they both don’t care for Uptown), the dating scene (spoiler:men are trash), where they like to eat (spoiler: sometimes we want a vegetable), and so much more. Strap in for a fun conversation with a lot of New Orleans feelings.

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Planet NOLA
Irreverent conversation about New Orleans Arts & Culture
Meet New Orleans one resident at a time. Planet NOLA offers irreverent and authentic insight into this weird and wonderful city. Hosted by local personality Mary Jacobs, it features a who’s who of local hustlers, artists, entrepreneurs, and community advocates. The conversations range from pure comedy to deep takes on the city’s political, economic, and social landscape. New Orleans is a whole world on its own, so join us in exploring it.

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Mary Jacobs

Mary Jacobs is a 4th generation Yat from Gentilly and ridiculously proud of it. She is a woman of many skills and a self-proclaimed New Orleans style hustler. She honed her performance skills locally in comedy with her group Live Girls, in theater as a playwright and director, and in film as an acting coach. Since 2016, Mary and her partner Kristin have co-owned a gym in Metairie, Vitality Community Fitness, and her latest small business endeavor is her secondhand styling service, Mary’s Rack. Planet Nola is born of her love of all things New Orleans and the people that fill it.